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    Koa Smith - Canon A-1 35mm

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    Travis Smith - Canon A-1 35mm

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    Crew x Namibia - Canon A-1 35mm by Koa

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    Reckless Driving Strictly Forbidden

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    Alex Smith - Canon A-1 35mm

  • Dropping off the grid in 3..2…1 // @gopro

  • We at LastNameFirst.tv are looking for ambassadors to help grow our company to new heights. @Alexsmith_, @Dtrean and @koatree_ run the company themselves and we would love your help. We’re looking for motivated and creative interns who specialize in any of the following categories: graphic design/web design, film making, marketing/social media/blogging, distribution/business, modeling etc. LNF is a young fast growing company. We have big ideas and are very excited about the future. Please contact us for any questions! Email: lastnamefirst.tv@gmail.com -Aloha

    August 21 – 4 Notes
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  • This is nice…. 🌞
    #gopro @gopro

  • Summer life’ #Hawaii // 🏄😎 • iPhone pic by @triggtrav

  • Bali withdrawals are REAL // @globebrand @smithoptics @strangerumblings // photo by @djstruntzphoto

  • is this alex and koa smith's tumblr?

    It sure is 

    What's your insta?

    koatree_ and alexsmith_

    I feel that your blog has become my absolute favourite of all time!

    Thanks beautiful. 

    When are there going to be more tshirts?!?

    Very soon hopefully. Message us if your interested and well get them going :) 

  • Summer surfs at home 🌀🏄 // with @triggtrav • Winter where yatt? @gopro